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šŸŒŸ Elevate Your Maintenance Game with the Salts Goneā„¢ Wash Station: The Ultimate Commercial-Grade Solution

Salts Goneā„¢ Wash Station
Salts Gone™ Wash Station
Wash Station pole mt
Wash Station pole mt
Wash Station, Internal View
Wash Station, Internal View

Introducing the Salts Goneā„¢ Wash Stationā€”an industrial-strength, technologically advanced washing system designed to redefine how you approach maintenance. From the simple press of a button, unleash the transformative power of Salts Goneā„¢ to safeguard your valuable assets. This versatile station is optimally designed to accommodate 5-gallon pails of Salts Goneā„¢ or larger, offering unparalleled ease, control, and adaptability.

šŸ”‘ Key Advantages:

One-Touch Wireless Control: Command your Salts Goneā„¢ application wirelessly with seamless ease, thanks to our intuitive remote control system. For hands-on users, a manual switch is also readily available on the unit.

Ā Ā 

Customizable Flow Settings: Achieve cleaning perfection by adjusting the flow rate of Salts Goneā„¢ to match the specific needs of your maintenance task.

Multi-Hose Versatility: Maximize your efficiency by operating multiple hoses concurrently. From simultaneous motor flushes to diverse exterior cleaning tasks, experience multi-tasking like never before.

Nozzle-Free Convenience: Our advanced system eliminates the need for pressure washers or specialized nozzles. Connect Salts Goneā„¢ to any garden hose for hassle-free application.

Plug-and-Play Installation: With only four screws and a few minutes, set up your Salts Goneā„¢ Wash Station. The unit arrives fully assembled and ready to connect to any standard 110V power outlet (GFCI).

Engineered for Professional Use: Meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial and industrial applications, the Salts Goneā„¢ Wash Station is the epitome of resilience and efficiency.

šŸ†• What's New and Improved:

Enhanced Flow Control: Now adjust the flow rate of Salts Goneā„¢ for more tailored application.

Ā Ā 

Multi-Hose Adaptability: New configurations allow the use of multiple hoses through a “T” or “Y” connection.

On-Box Power Switch: Added an easily accessible power switch on the unit, supplementing the wireless remote control.

Universal Power Cord: Comes with a standard power cord that can fit into any outlet.

Visible Indicator Light: Larger indicator light for easy operational status checking.

Intelligent Pump Design: Improved pressure switch and larger pump capacity, enabling the unit to be left in the ‘on’ position without damaging the pump.

Note: For some high-pressure water sources, an additional screw-on water pressure regulator ($20) may be required for optimal performance. This minor adjustment is not commonly necessary but can be beneficial for some users.

Invest in the Salts Goneā„¢ Wash Station and experience effortless, top-tier maintenance tailored for the most demanding of environments.

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