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Rusts Gone Quart
Rusts Gone Quart

Brief Description:

Rusts Gone is a primer that effectively turns rusted surfaces into
areas ready for paint, halting further rusting and preparing it for
the next layer of coating.

Technical Description:

Rusts Gone is a rust-converting and stabilizing
primer that utilizes tannic acid to transform ferrous
oxide into ferric oxide. It’s formulated to be applied
in a manner akin to paint and serves as a suitable
primer for nearly all topcoat applications.

Usage Instructions:

1. Initial Treatment: First, cleanse the target area.
2. Surface Preparation: Utilize a wire wheel or a comparable technique to dislodge any flaking rust. The surface should be devoid of dust.
3. Product Mixing: Vigorously shake the Rusts Gone container to achieve a uniform consistency.
4. Dispensation: Transfer the required quantity into a separate vessel, ensuring the original
product remains uncontaminated and preventing any potential hardening.
5. Application Procedure: Administer using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Adopt a circular
motion to optimize penetration into corroding zones.
6. Validation: A color transition from white to black signifies successful rust transmutation.
7. Refinement: Should there be any overlooked areas, a secondary application is advised after a
30-minute interval.
8. Settling: The product sets within half an hour, reaching full maturation in a day. Consider
applying a supplementary topcoat for augmented resilience and shielding.

Dilution and Mixing:

For optimal results, always use Rusts Gone concentrate without pre-dilution

Features and Benefits:

Color Indicator: A transition from white to black
indicates effective rust conversion.

Efficiency: A 32 oz bottle provides coverage for up to
220 square feet

Frequency of Use:

Rusts Gone is formulated for a one-time application,
intended to serve as a primer for subsequent coatings.

Health and Safety:

Available Packaging:

1 Quart
1 Gallon
5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Tote