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Introducing the Salts Goneā„¢ Chassis Deep-Clean Flush

The pinnacle of undercarriage care, specifically tailored for vehicle chassis and frames. Engineered with meticulous precision, this attachment not only rids your vehicle’s foundation of salt but also ensures deep-reaching cleanliness, even in the toughest mud-packed areas.

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Made in USA

šŸŒŸ Features:

  • Multi-Directional Nozzle Design: Featuring 8 nozzle heads, the flush sprays water in a 360-degree patternā€”forward and backwardā€”guaranteeing every inch of your chassis is reached and cleaned.

  • Extended 4′ Hose: Delve deep into the hidden nooks and crannies of your vehicle’s underbelly.Ā *the color of the Chassis Flush hose may vary*

  • Salts Gone Integration: With a dedicated canister for Salts Goneā„¢ solution, you can now powerfully counteract the corrosive effects of salt while ensuring optimal cleanliness.

  • Universal Garden Hose Compatibility: The attachment seamlessly connects to a standard garden hose, making the setup a breeze.

  • DIY Assembly: All essential components are provided, ensuring a hassle-free assembly. With some teflon tape and an adjustable wrench or channel locks, you’ll be up and running in no time.

šŸ”‘ Key Benefits:

  • Deep Cleanse Action: Perfect for those who have vehicles often exposed to salty environments or muddy terrains. This flush guarantees a thorough cleansing, reducing the risks associated with salt and rust damage.

  • Tailored Cleaning Experience: Customize the cleaning intensity to your needs. Use it with Salts Goneā„¢ or water-only settings, depending on the level of cleaning required.

  • Ease of Use: A simple attachment process coupled with a comprehensive cleaning mechanism ensures that your vehicle’s chassis and frame maintenance is no longer a daunting task.

Protect, preserve, and prolong the life of your vehicle’s chassis with theĀ Salts Goneā„¢ Chassis Deep-Clean Flush. Equip yourself with a tool that offers unparalleled deep-cleaning action while fiercely combating salt, rust, and mud. Elevate your vehicle care routine to unmatched heights!

Salts Goneā„¢ Chassis Flush Attachment
Salts Goneā„¢ Chassis Flush Attachment