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Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail
Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail
Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail - top
Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail - top

Unmatched Salt Removal for Your Fleet: The Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail 🚛🛡️

Step up your maintenance game with the Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail—a formidable solution tailored for businesses managing small fleets. Say goodbye to the corrosive effects of salt and brine, and hello to a robust protection plan that maximizes your assets’ lifespan.

🌟 Key Features:

– 💰 Incredible Cost Efficiency: At an unbeatable price of just $50 per gallon, the Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail offers phenomenal value, making optimal salt removal an affordable endeavor.

– 🧪 Generous Yield: Capable of generating an astounding 500 gallons of potent, rust-battling solution, this pail equips you for over 125 applications, ensuring comprehensive protection for each vehicle in your fleet.

– ⚡ Immediate Salt and Brine Eradication: Armed with the rapid-action Salts Gone™ formula, you’ll experience swift and thorough salt removal, defending your valuable assets from the irreversible damage caused by rust.

– 🇺🇸 Made with Pride in the USA: Manufactured domestically to the highest quality standards, ensuring a product you can trust.

🛠️ Enhance Your Maintenance Regime:

Unlock the full power of salt elimination by pairing the Salts Gone™ 5 Gallon Pail with our cutting-edge Salts Gone™ Wash Station. Transferring bulk quantities has never been easier, thanks to our commercial-grade, wireless wash station. Take the reins of your fleet’s protection strategy and achieve enduring results with ease.

Made in USA